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Our service offerings are segmented into three major categories, namely ICT Consulting, Media implementation and advisory services as well as Skills development.  


Under ICT consulting we partner with clients in cultivating the landscape that positions ICT as an enabler for increasing productivity and minimising the costs of doing business.

  • ICT blueprints and strategies tailor-made for each client but bench-marked on industry best practices

  • ICT norms and standards

  • Performance and process management (Organisational & staff dashboards providing real-time information) to improve quality of services and turnaround time

  • Systems integration, virtualisation and administration

  • ICT corporate governance and policy development

  • ICT architecture auditing and procurement support

  • Project Management of IT projects such as 

Media and Development

Our Media Implementation and Advisory Support branch offers the following scalable end-to-end solutions

  • Media monitoring and analysis. This is critical for companies’ brand management

  • Streaming videos in multiple formats and scales

  • Content protection

  • Indexing for video and audio content

  • Procurement, preparation and marketing of site for the shooting of films and documentaries

  • Development of content for films, television and documentaries

  • Development of Media and communication strategies

Training and Development

We are accredited by the MICT SETA for the following qualifications:

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